About the site

Hello, I'm some clown on the internet. I go by Friege most of the time (it's my Discord display name and has been for quite a long time), but any name is fine. I'm 21, on a constant life crisis, and use they/them pronouns.

Gaming is my main hobby (and has been for basically my entire life), so most of my interests revolve around that. I'm currently into League of Legends, Genshin Impact, Persona 5, and Fire Emblem if I'm having a good day. I guess you could say those are my fandoms too, but I'm not particularly active on any of them, and I mostly lurk around them & keep to myself.

I'm very passionate about some fictional characters. You can find out more on my Other stuff tab.

I'm prone to go on mile-long autistic rambles and weird tangents when talking about media I like. Sorry about that. Feel free to tell me to shut up.